Version numbers explained

The version numbers in CaveCloud are selected according to a procedure which is explained here.

Version numbers consist of 3 number blocks separated by a dot (a.b.c).
The first digit (a) describes the main version which is always the digit "2" in CaveCloud 2.
The second digit (b) describes a feature version. This number increases every time a new feature is added that is worth mentioning.
The third digit (c) describes a bugfix / small feature version. For each bugfix version, no matter how small it is, this number is incremented by one.

The changelog is extended with every major version and feature version change. Bugfixes normally do not get their own changelog entry, unless it is a major bugfix.

Let's take version 2.2.14 as an example:
The first "2" describes that this is CaveCloud 2.
The second "2" describes that it is feature update 2.
The third "2" describes that in this version 14 small features have been added / bugfixes made.

This versioning was introduced on 12/19/2019. Older versions may fall out of this scheme.

CaveCloud will remind you every time you start it, should a new version be available. Important updates will be announced on the CaveCloud website and on Twitter. In addition, the Cloud and the wrapper will be heavily advertised for such updates.

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