Wrapper Folder: "servers"

Folder: "global"

This folder can be used to copy files to any game server. Any file in this folder will be copied to any Minecraft server. So you can put plugins, maps, etc. that are needed on all servers into this folder and have a faster way to update these files.

folder and all types of files are possible here.

Note: This folder is now copied to servers where the value copy-global is set to true.

Folder: "jars"

You can store different Minecraft Server files in this folder. You can also download new servers via the web interface in the "Wrappers" tab.

In the group configuration you then have the possibility to choose the appropriate server for each group.

Folder: "templates"

In the folder "templates" there are subfolders for each group. Put there the files needed for this group. For example, for the group "LOBBY" you can create a plugins folder and copy your lobby plugin into it. This plugin will be loaded on every server in this group.

You can insert all kinds of files there, even in suborders.

Folder: "tmp"

This folder is the folder in which the servers are run. Here a subfolder is created for each server (example: "LOBBY-1"). This is where the server data is stored. As soon as the server is stopped, however, this folder is deleted again.

Tip: Static servers are not affected by this rule. They will not be executed in the "tmp" folder, but in the "templates" folder directly.

Folder: "maps"

In this folder subfolders of the created groups will be created automatically. There you can store your map data in folders  - with the name of your map. This can be files like the server.propeties but also whole folders like the plugins folder.

Note: Please note that the files and folders are copied into the tmp folder of the server. If a file already exists, it will be replaced automatically. If no map is specified at startup, a random map is choosen. If no map exits, the map default will be copied. This is empty by default and serves only as a placeholder.

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