Wrapper Folder: "config"

In the "config" folder you will find all configuration files of the wrapper.

File: "config.json"

  "cloudPort": 5864, // Port on which the cloud waits for the wrapper to arrive
  "debug": "false", // Whether the debug mode should be enabled or disabled
  "cloudHost": "", // IP on which the cloud runs
  "language": "en", // Language of the wrapper
  "finish": "true", // Whether the cloud is fully configured -> Do not edit this value!
  "wrapper": "58254863-b697-4b9b-af0e-cf79cc1b844e", // Unique identification number of the wrapper
  "ram": 8076 // How much memory the wrapper is allowed to use for game servers

File: "cryptoToken.key"

CaveCloud encrypts the communication between cloud, wrapper, spigot and proxy using this key. This key is automatically configured based on your account and is the same for each of your clouds and wrappers.

Tip: We do not recommend editing this key.

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