What is a Cloud / Wrapper?

CaveCloud consists of two parts: The cloud and the wrapper. In this article you will learn what a cloud and a wrapper is, what it is for and what it can do.


The cloud is the main part. It runs the proxy server (BungeeCord) and manages the wrappers.
It has and stores all configurations. It can also be extended with plugins.


The wrapper starts the Minecraft server. It stores all templates. It only receives instructions from the cloud and cannot be configured or instructed directly. The cloud must be used for this.

How to combine it:

For each Minecraft network, you need a cloud. For example, if you want to do a production and a development network, you need 2 clouds.

Tip: You can also run multiple clouds on one VPS / Root Server. All you have to do is change the cloud port in the configuration.


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