Setup the Wrapper

This tutorial assumes that you have already downloaded the cloud. You can find out how to do this here: Download

First start the wrapper with the start script created by the downloader. Alternatively, you can start the wrapper from a command prompt or terminal with the following command: java -jar CaveCloud_Wrapper.jar

Tip: We recommend to copy the wrapper into a subfolder, because several files are created in the directory where the jar is.

  1. Now enter the IP address of the device on which the cloud runs.
    Tip: If the wrapper runs on the same server as the cloud, enter as IP.

  2. Read the Mojang Eula ( and confirm it by typing "y" + Return.

  3. Now the wrapper is running and trying to connect to the cloud.

Note: Restart the wrapper once before using it. After restarting, you can configure the maximum memory the wrapper can use for Minecraft servers. You can do this in the wrapper/config/config.json file.

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