Setup the Cloud

This tutorial assumes that you have already downloaded the cloud. You can find out how to do this here: Download

First run the cloud with the start script created by the downloader. You can start the cloud with a command prompt or a terminal with this command: java -jar CaveCloud_Cloud.jar

Hint: We recommend that you copy the cloud to a subfolder, as several files will be created in the directory where the jar is.

  1. Now enter the IP address of the machine the wrapper will run in the future.
    Tip: If you want the wrapper to run on the same server, enter as IP.

  2. Create a user. This user will be used for the webinterface.

  3. Now you can download and activate plugins automatically. If you see a plugin, that you want, you can acknowledge this with "y" + "return".  Otherwise you can just skip the plugin with the return key.

  4. If you have selected plugins, they will be downloaded. Then the cloud is ready for use.
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