Permission Groups

What is a PermissionGroup?

PermissionGroups are right groups. These can be used by plugins, such as the Webinterface Plugin.

What can I do with a PermissionGroup?

You can create different users and add them all to PermissionGroups. This allows you to restrict what users can do.

Each plugin can bring a permission. You can see all permissions in the web interface when you add or edit a PermissionGroup. This is done through the "Users" tab.

How do permissions work?

The CaveCloud permission system is similar to Minecraft's. If a user has the permission server.start.LOBBY, he can only start the servers of the group LOBBY. However, if he has the permission server.start.*, he can start any server.

So you can assign permissions like server.* or just *. Then the user has the corresponding subordinate permissions.

CaveCloud Standard Permissions:

Hint: Plugins can extend this list.

Permission String Description
proxy.stop Stop Proxy Server
proxy.start Start Proxy Server
proxy.log View proxy server log
proxy.executecommand Execute proxy command
user.delete.<PermissionGroup> Allow löschen all users in this PermissionGroup
user.seepermissiongroups Viewing permissionsgroups
user.create Create users
user.edit.<PermissionGroup> Edit users in this PermissionGroup
user.changeownpassword Allows you to change your own password
user.seeusers Viewing from users
cloud.update Update Cloud
server.seeservers.<Group> Viewing servers from this server group
server.delete.<Group> Delete this Server Group
server.executecommand.<Group> execute command in this server group
server.seegroups Viewing Server Groups
server.start.<Group> Start servers from this server group
server.editgroup.<Group> Edit server from this server group
wrapper.create To add a wrapper> Edit wrapper with this ID
wrappers.see View all wrappers> Delete this wrapper
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