This tutorial assumes that you have already purchased the cloud. You can find out how to do this here: Buy the Cloud

First, go to your dashboard and download our downloader.

While the download is running, click on "IP Manager" in the navigation bar of the dashboard. Insert here the IP address of your server or your computer (where you want to run the downloader). Please note that this have to be your outgoing IP address.

Tip: If you want to run the downloader on your computer, just click on "Add current IP". This will automatically detect and add your current IP adress.

After the download is finished, open a command prompt or a terminal. Use the command "cd" to navigate to the directory where the downloaded downloader is located and start it with the following command: java -jar CaveCloud_Downloader.jar


You'll get different questions now. If you want to agree, confirm with "y" + "Enter". If you want to reject them, enter "n" + "Enter".

The download is now complete. The desired files are stored in the same directory as the downloader.download_2.png

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