Become a Beta tester

CaveCloud regularly publishes pre-releases (so-called beta versions). These versions are designed to test new features and update your plugins, but not for productive use.

Every stable release is based on a beta version. On which one exactly, you can read in the changelog of each release.

How to become a beta tester?

Log in to our Dashboard and click on "Beta" in the navigation bar. There you will find the beta application form. After you have filled it out and submited it, we will check your details and activate your account for beta use.

Note: Currently there is no registration possible for our beta program.

How do I get the beta versions?

As soon as you are beta tester, you can start the downloader as follows java -jar CaveCloud_Downloader.jar --beta=true, which will put it into beta mode. The download process does not differ from the normal one (Learn more about the download process here: Download).

Why do I need the beta versions?

New versions often contains new features, which add new features for cloud plugins, spigot plugins or proxy plugins, or change existing features. So that you can customize your plugins before the official release and add the new features already, you need a pre-release.

In addition, beta versions are only ideas for a stable release. If you miss a feature, found a bug or if you are missing something else, we can easily add it to a beta version. Use our Beta Center to submit your request.

Tip: We advise against using beta versions in your production system. We cannot guarantee that beta versions will work as expected, as they are still under development.

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